Setting up Your Art Studio

Your art studio, sometimes referred to as an "atelier", is a space that you will most likely spend numerous hours in. It is extremely important that this area feel comfortable to you and be conducive to the specific media you will be using.

A studio may be your own private haven, or a common area shared with others depending upon the specific function of the space. The art studio may be used to teach, contemplate, or create and is highly individual and should be uniquely tailored to suit the needs of the individual artist. Needless to say, the appropriate equipment will be based on the artistic discipline and will vary greatly.

The primary goal when setting up a studio is to create an environment that promotes artistic expression and encourages the mastery of your skills, whether it be painting, sculpting, photography, graphic design, architecture, or the many other artistic forms.

Perhaps some of the links below will provide you with ideas for providing both layout ideas and the equipment and tools necessary for you to created your perfect artistic space.

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